Randoman - Green Is The Light

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  • This second release on Berlin label Kasette is from newcomer Randoman, and judging by his original 'Green is the Light' on the A1, that's an accurate moniker. This is messy stuff. There's simply too much going on for much groove to grow here - it sounds like somebody downloaded one too many soft synths and couldn't leave it alone. Randoman gets it more right on 'Lucid Dream', which is less ket mess and more stand-up-and-dance. More lucid, if you like. There is still an ad hoc feeling to it, but it's definitely quite playable. 'Green is the Light' also gets two remixes, the first from Phage & Dreier (Phage is Marco Resmann from Pan-Pot and Luna City Express), whose recent 'Plumber's Workshop' on Klang was proper fourth gear dance music. Their remix doesn't quite forget the elasticity of the original, but thankfully it straightens the creases out of the track. Not bad, but with so many labels releasing tracks it’s hard to stand head and shoulders above, isn't it? The second remix is a collab between Mikdat and Afrilounge, which is very good. Minimizing the Circo Loco samples and maximizing the groove of the track, here the vocals, the pads, the shake ups and the break downs sit in the right order. Bravo, hombres. All of the tracks come firmly stamped as techno with an experimental edge. There is definitely a certain crowd who would love this record all day long, but I myself am inclined towards a little more soul and sugar. Still, the B2 is definitely worth a listen.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Green Is The Light A2 Green Is The Light (Phage & Dreier remix) B1 Lucid Dream B2 Green Is The Light (Mikdat vs Afrilounge remix)