Shlomi Aber - Freakside

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  • Since ‘Sea Of Sand’ last year, Shlomi Aber has officially been listed as hot stuff. Occasionally when this happens to young producers, they suddenly begin signing music to almost every label clambering for a piece of the pie and the result is an inevitable drop in standards (see Jay Tripwire circa 2002-03, Joey Youngman circa 2004-05, etc) but that’s not the case here. This is just Aber’s fifth release, and once again it’s an exercise in quality. The original mix is based on a simple idea. Mix one part jittery, seizure-inducing sheets of synth with one part grooving bassline, and stir until solid club fare. The scattershot synth really could’ve sounded terrible, but Aber’s ability to juxtapose that bass against it really holds this thing together, and ultimately creates a great tech house record. Fellow Israeli Gel Abril won’t get sued for false advertising any time soon with his ‘Acid Rework’ mix. He 303s the shit out of this, with a bunch of well-timed acid licks poured over the sheets of treble. This mix sounds punchier than the A, and makes for a more useful track at peaktime. Aber has carved out a unique sound so far, and this is no exception. While Freakside definitely has a more Ovum style slant to his previous stuff, fans of his other work should be able to enjoy this too.
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      A Freakside B Freakside (Gel Abril Acid Rework)