Marc Romboy - Sunburst

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  • I’m not saying there isn’t still interesting and innovative dance music being made these days, but when I hear tracks like Mark Romboy’s latest offering ‘Sunburst’ on Will Saul’s Simple label, I can’t help but think that stagnation is starting to creep into the scene. As Mike Skinner once put it: “Let’s push things forward.” ‘Sunburst’ is okay, but in truth pretty indistinguishable from a lot of other tunes on the market. With only a mere whisper of a vocal and no real defining characteristics, nothing really sets it apart or stirs any excitement or response in me. The track is centred around a dark eerie chord pattern which increases in intensity as things proceed, with a little wash thrown in for effect, and that’s basically the crux of it. I have to wonder if someone had submitted this track to Romboy’s own label Systematic, would he have put it out? I’m not sure if Alexkid’s remix is supposed to be a homage to old school house, but the vibe on his version is even more tiresome then the original. The sounds at play here are a bit lighter and crisper, but the basic melody remains the same. Gasp as Alexkid cuts out the bass, marvel as he throws in some crashing cymbals, and stand back in awe as the bass kicks back in again. Far from riveting stuff. On the B-side, we get a stripped down dub version of the original, so if you think not a lot happened on the first version, even less happens here. I suppose this could be used as a transitional DJ tool, but if this track had a girlfriend you could almost hear her nagging at it that it never goes anywhere or does anything. The mark of a good tune is that it stirs some feelings inside of you. ‘Sunburst’ just made me shrug my shoulders and say meh.
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      A Sunburst B1 Sunburst (Alexkid Remix) B2 Sunburst (Dub Version)