Radio Slave - Screaming Hands Remixes

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  • Radio Slave's 'Screaming Hands' from the ‘No Sleep Part Two’ EP wasn’t Matt Edwards’ strongest offering of recent times. Like Marc Houle's 'Bay of Figs' from last year, it’s built around a droning mosquito noise – presented here naked as ‘Screamapella’ for DJs to play with – which has been inexplicably popular in clubs over the last few months. To my mind, it’s utterly irritating. Cosmo Vitelli takes a shot at redemption with a more progressive house take on the track, and the result is something which Cattaneo or Seaman could pop on in a quieter moment. Which is to say it’s definitely filler material; its rolling, predictable nature seems worlds apart from Vitelli’s quirky 'This is not a Pill Song' from 2005 or his remix of Daft Punk's 'Face to Face'. For a Frenchman who has shown a little more flair in the past, c'est pas tres passionant. But we’re really here for the Josh Wink remix, which offers some consolation. Using a solid techno bassline to create a deeper vibe, Wink stamps his mark with rising swells which spill over every so often into wired-up dancefloor moments. The only bone of contention is the mosquito riff itself, but admittedly it does sound more purposeful in this setting, judiciously placed to send frailer dancers over the edge. Usual hype aside, even given the Wink remix, there isn't enough going on with this release to see it last the other side of the festival season.
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      A Screaming Hands - WiNK Interpretation B1 Screaming Hands - Cosmo Vitelli Radioaktivitat remix B2 Screamapella