Move D - Ac1d

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  • The ever reliable Move D, aka David Moufang, has been releasing records for well over a decade, and still manages to grab the attention on a regular basis. Here, he brings his sound to Manchester's Modern Love label, for an EP entitled ‘Ac1d’, comprising two tracks that have apparently been on Mr. Moufang's hard-drive for the last fifteen years. Not as romantic as finding them in a dusty basement then, but anyhow. First up is the title track, ‘Ac1d’, which is actually the least acidic of the two cuts here: it's a warm piece of dub-house, with deep, spaced out melodies and soft keyboard lines. The perfect set starter, ‘Ac1d’ trickles along nicely and gathers a little steam towards the end, as chopped up vocals and someone speaking in German (sure to weird out anyone who plays this record on a radio show) permeate the groove. ‘Acid’ is an oft-used idea, deep Basic Channel style grooves, that's extremely well executed here. On the flipside, ‘Sheffield Dance’, obviously a tribute of sorts, is as you'd expect: a piece of raw, simplistic, bleep-house. It's a jacking drawn out affair, with springloaded 303 lines and reverential jerky hi-hats. It's pleasant enough and may rock a certain kind of club, but the sound is a little retro and the whole feel is ultimately a bit po-faced. So in summary, try the ‘Ac1d’, just stay clear of Sheffield afterwards.
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      A Ac1d B Sheffield Dance