Snax - Honeymoon's Over

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  • It's been played by everyone, it's been long awaited, but has it been worth it? 'Honeymoon's Over' by Snax is one of the most eagerly-anticipated tracks of the year. Formerly one half of disco pranksters Captain Comatose, Snax has, thanks mainly to Konrad Black's mix of the track in question, risen from the ashes of his former life to breathe a bit of soul into a scene that is heading further in a deeper, funkier direction. In an environment that's crying out for vocals, for something with that extra special twist, it’s a track that fulfills a real need. Konrad Black's mix is the one that's getting all the plaudits, first causing a commotion on Richie Hawtin's Essential Mix from this year's Miami Conference. It's a piece of understated tech-funk that highlights Snax's voice to great effect, a sharp synth line stumbling along in the background and the occasional spaced out swirl. Black's own 'Medusa Smile' on Wagon Repair used Ghostman's vocals in a very intelligent way, so getting him to remix this was an informed choice. The original uses the same vocals but pairs them to a more aggressive backbeat which rushes proceedings compared with Black's remix. You can tell that there's the nucleus of something promising here which just needs a little extra help to make the jump to the premier league. 'Honeymoon's Overdose' voiced by Jamie Lidell starts off like it's been recorded in an empty warehouse and then uses the stomping drums of the original to go into overdrive. Speaking as someone who liked 'Multiply' but was disappointed at it's very respectful take on soul, it's good to hear Lidell's voice used again with a bit more abandon. This hearkens back to his Super Collider days and sounds all the fresher for it. It's a good package, with an a cappella to play with too, and due to the diverse nature of the three main mixes it just about deserves all the praise. This time you can believe the hype. Let's just see how many imitators this beast will spawn.
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      A1 Honeymoon's Over (Konrad Black mix) A2 Honeymoon's Over B1 Honeymoon's Overdose with Jamie Lidell B2 Honeymoon's Over (A Cappella)