Rekorder - Rekorder 09

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  • Stephan Bodzin and Oliver Huntemann originally intended the authorship of their Rekorder series to be a secret, but it wasn't long before word got out - Bodzin's telling hand in proceedings is easily spotted. That hasn't prevented them trying to keep things as anonymous as possible: the 12”s provide no information, the sleeve design is kept minimal and each record is distinguished only by numbers and colours. It comes across like one of those conceptual projects minimal so likes to indulge in. And sonically too – Rekorder tracks are generally slimmer than the dazzling electro both producers usually opt for, using truncated sounds and arrangements so neat they could be taught in school. Rekorder is a pseudonym which has allowed room for experiment and playfulness away from more serious productions under their real names. Yet with the ninth volume the pair seem to have run out of steam – 'fun' and 'play' have been replaced by 'rigid' and 'bland'. A-side 9.1 is the dullest, with stuttering bass and rattly Jeff Samuel hats leading nowhere - shivers that are symptoms of an emotional coldness. There's more fun overleaf, with 9.2 toying with a shaken jar of pick-up-sticks and '9.3' almost unpredictable with its stumbling bassline and gruff bleeps, but the onus here seems more on following orders rather than busting out. Rumour has it that after the Rekorder series Bodzin is taking a break from production - on this evidence he needs it.
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      A Rekorder 9.1 B1 Rekorder 9.2 B2 Rekorder 9.3