Brendon Moeller - Jazz Space EP

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  • After a limited release at the end of 2006, it's second time lucky for Brendon Moeller, with this EP already picking up play from the likes of Sebo K and Efdemin. It's easy to see why too, there are four tracks here and all four are dynamic and pulsing exercises in electronic depth. This is techno music done with flair and individualism. First up is 'Jazz', an instant introduction into Moeller's huge sound. Vast dubby chords bounce back and forth and duel with effects that sound like howling winds. It's a fine beginning to this EP, and best of all, it's just one of the four excellent tracks here. Next comes 'Space', a rippling wilderness of dub and Detroit keys. This is epic: nine minutes of mutating rhythms and melodies that are shaped and crafted with the utmost precision. Once again the title is so utterly broad that the artist is either setting himself up to fall on his face by failing to match its grandiosity or else is just supremely confident that his track is the embodiment of these words. Thankfully with 'Space', it's the latter: On the B side 'Saviour' continues the dub odyssey with a slightly more locomotive feel, and is destined to start DJ sets all summer. Then last of all comes 'Pink Noise'. Already featured on Efdemin's RA podcast, this is a monster of a different nature. Here Moeller creates one of the techno tracks of the year, a juddering bass heavy workout that growls, spits and shakes for almost eight minutes. To call it the meanest, leanest DJ tool of the year is to underrate what is a brilliant track in its own right, and a scintillating end to this fine EP. One great track on a release is rare, two is exceptional, but here Moeller has created four tracks which, if you hadn't heard of him till now, announce him as a true artist, and one to watch for a long time to come.
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      A1 Jazz A2 Space B1 Saviour B2 Pink Noise