Dahlback & Dahlback - Sweden 10 - Finland 0

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  • My friend has a theory that every single song on Beatport is actually made by John Dahlback. So, when you’re listening to a track by Partial Arts, that’s John Dahlback. A Marc Houle track? Yep, Dahlback strikes again. Well, perhaps my friend might be wrong, but the kid puts out so many records, it’s really hard to keep up. The funny thing is most of them all sound the same. It’s all big room electro that clubbers just eat up. But team him up with his elder techno statesman cousin Jesper, and magic happens. It happened on their first Turbo EP in 2004, with the monstrous ‘Forsberg Loves The Acid’ becoming one of the tracks of the year, and it’s happened again with their second. 'Sweden 10 – Norway 0’ is a huge acidic adventure. ‘Bempa’, with its techno kicks and massive tweeked build-up and unleash, is a true club stormer. ‘Rolle Niva’ is an irresistible rolling thing that evolves into a grumpy distortion piece. And ‘Tumba’ is a headtrip. It gets a bit glitchy but is saved by that rolling techno kick that these Dahlbacks seemed to have perfected. This EP outshines their first effort on Turbo and also all of their Hugg & Pepp stuff. All three of these tracks are genuine party-starters. This should be a solid seller for Tiga, and a great sophomore effort on Turbo for those Dahlback lads.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Bempa B1 Rolle Niva B2 Tumba