Jeff Samuel - Lost

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  • So the story goes like this: released in 2001 with no artist or title information, Jeff Samuel’s minimal techno blue print ‘Lost’ gets rinsed by the Richies, the Ricardos and the Daniel Bells over the years to much fanfare followed by many Internet track ID requests searching its name and where to find it. Then in 2005 Hawtin decides to stick it smack dab in the middle of the climax of his acclaimed ‘Transitions’ CD/DVD, creating even more buzz. Jeff Samuel’s inbox gets so full with requests to re-release ‘Lost’ that his computer crashes and erases his hard drive. He curses Hawtin, vows to never produce another record again and checks into a monastery to ponder the meaning of life. I can’t confirm that last part, but what we do know is that Samuel finally succumbed to the plethora of positive communication urging him to get this track back on wax, which the fine folks at Trapez were more than happy to accommodate. A sound engineer by profession, Samuel uses only computer software to make his tracks, and this one was done before the days of Ableton Live etc, making the production that much more astounding. Without getting too tech geeky on all y’all, it’s extremely impressive that this track was created using only six samples and a reverb effect, yet it easily stands up to and sounds like anything that is being produced today using the most modern technology. Okay so what does it sound like? An upbeat moody number, ‘Lost’ bounces along with a playful melody and an almost bluegrass, banjo picking intensity to it, a la ‘Duelling Banjos’ (minus the inbreds). In short, quality stuff which has already stood the test of time. Snap it up before it disappears and you're forced to bother Jeff again.
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      A Lost