Tim Xavier – Deception de Real (Remixes)

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  • It seems the death of vinyl means that remix packages must now contain six plus remixes apiece (this one has eight…). One feels a little bit of editing might be in order, particularly as in this case the original is not exactly an anthem, but merely a fairly workable piece of thumping kick-heavy minimal. Tony Rohr doesn’t quite live up to his recent track record with his remix which makes the original nimbler and more jacking, but it’s still not remarkable. Pan-Pot, as expected, make it sound like a Mobilee release with perky sounding burbles and squeaks throughout to hypnotic effect, and a powerful low end to drive the track forward. The most noteworthy remix here is from relative unknown Dave Turov who turns in a consistently surprising and trippy mix with lots of percussive feints and twists and creepy melodic diversions. It could work well as a warm-up track to be followed up by something anthemic and punchy. Had Clink picked the best three of these mixes this could have been a good release, however there’s a bit too much filler here, and that's not even counting the fairly bland ‘digital only’ bonus tracks. Suffice it to say that just because you can release a lot of tracks doesn’t necessarily mean you should.
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      A Deception De Real (Original Version) B1 Deception De Real (Tony Rohr Mix) B2 Deception De Real (Dave Turov Mix) C Deception De Real (Pär Grindvik Mix) D1 Deception De Real (Pan-Pot Mix) D2 Deception De Real (Camea & Insideout Mix)