Undo - Despacio Remixes

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  • Lazy Fat People get nasty with the B-side of this remix package turning in a darkly swaggering Mobilee style version of 'Remember' with a slightly acidic flavour. The most distinctive part of the track is a galloping bassline which combines well with softer drums in the second half of the track to build a very infectious groove. It's definitely harder and more minimal than their usual style and is more likely to appeal to techno fans as a result. Donato Dozzy and Modern Heads disappoint slightly with their interpretation of 'No matter Where You Are, We Are Together' on the A side. There's a clipped and speedy electro drum pattern straight out of the Aux 88 playbook accompanied by subdued and distant effects. Dozzy is known for afterhours parties and atmospheric sounds, and this certainly has that vibe, but feels a little harsh on the ears for the 10am crowd, and isn't danceable enough for early in the night either.
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      A1 No Matter Where You Are We Are Together (Donato Dozzy & Modern Heads Remix) B1 Remember (Lazy Fat People's Forget Dub)