Trentemøller & Buda - Gamma

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  • In an era of labels coming and going, London's Kickin Records has stood the test of time. Founded in 1988 and still banging out the releases, their ability to change with the times and stay fresh is something to be applauded. Previously on the label, Trentemoller's 'An Evening With Bobi Bros' was a hot seller and the follow up, 'Gamma', has been much anticipated. The original version is a collaboration with Buda (aka Torsten Jacobsen), who after a bit of research, seems to be known for downtempo and late evening productions. Sadly, it's a far cry from your usual Trentemoller dancefloor monster. It's an ambient track that could well be used as a set opener (as it was on John Askew's Essential Mix), but it doesn't add up to much, sounding very much like a leftover from 'The Last Resort' sessions. Perhaps working with someone called Buda has focused Trentemoller more towards Buddha than club nights. Ho hum then, and onto the remixes. Kickin have chosen Minilogue’s 10-minute rethink as the lead track, and with good reason. It’s a brooding dancefloor piece. Stitching together a number of sections (Don't go clapping the DJ who plays this because the mixing is all Minilogue's handiwork), the track finally culminates in a rolling hypnotism that's pegged for six o'clock in the morning. Shades of Minilogue's past as psytrancers Son Kite perhaps, but the effect is not directed toward any one genre. Wonderful. Finally, there is a mix from Perc, whose production skills have definitely matured from his acid-laden 'Ice Cream for Kenton' days. His remix has a spooky undercurrent pulling it together that has a certain "Halloween" feel to it. The track continually increases the tension and then falls, each time stepping up the plateau a bit more. It is similar in structure to Nick & Danny Chatelain's 'Is Killing Me' in that it builds up before bringing back the bass without a massive crescendo. Look for this to have tremendous crossover appeal. Overall, this is a very nice package, and goes to show Kickin is still a label worth watching. The remixes are of such quality that it is easy to overlook the shortcomings of the original.
  • Tracklist
      A Gamma (Minilogue Remix) B1 Gamma (Original Mix) B2 Gamma (Perc Remix)