Andomat 3000 & Jan - L Delay

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  • After Digitaline's terrific/testing (delete as you see fit) double 12" exercise in abstract minimal, Andomat 3000 and Jan return to keep the casual viewers tuned in. The pair's last Cadenza release, 'Entracte Music', ended up becoming something of an unlikely mini-anthem thanks to some select patronage – can 'L Delay' do the same? Possibly. The patchwork construction technique is similar, but there's more warmth and less bite. Which isn't a bad thing. 'L Delay' is as close to conventional deep house as Cadenza have gone to date – check the skipping, garage-referencing drums and the barely-audible whining wild pitch string. But there's a neat contrast too – the insistent, off-kick reverbed horn stab, found-sound instrument grabs and moody, half-steppa bassline keep it from conforming. Despite the many elements, this playful, convincing outing sounds much lighter than it should. Curiously, 'Frost' begins with the same elongated string as the A-side, before revealing itself to be an even more conventional outing. Again, no bad thing – the raw kick, busy 'live' bassline and clipped timpani are pleasing - but perhaps a turn-off for fans of the more extreme end of Luciano and Serafin's A+R-ing.
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      A L Delay B Frost