Jona - Evidence EP

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  • Since Jonathan Troupin (aka Jona) signed with Get Physical in 2006, his already infectious production style has become even more accessible with each successive release. His latest for the label, the 'Evidence EP', ratchets up the ease of entry almost to Booka Shade levels. With one side of persistent techno and another of anthemic GP electro house, it’s an EP that promises to break Jona out a little wider. On the A, ‘Evidence’ flirts with hypnotic techno. It is one step further down that path than Booka Shade’s ‘Trepass06’, although not quite at Radio Slave repeat-it-till-it-bleeds levels. The steadfast synth riff lingers in the air rather than pounds it out, kept afloat by a gentle counterpoint of tinkling bells and ticking percussion. Later the tune climaxes BIG before dissipating altogether in a serene swirl of pitter-pattering bells, only to return a few bars later with great aplomb. It would go down very nicely at sun up. On the B, 'Smart Cats Vs. Dumb Dogs' is house of the more traditionally Jona and Get Physical variety, sporting a reverberating synth bassline so stirring and tunefully clever Booka Shade must be a little embarrassed they didn't write it first. Wrapped in airy South American flute lines and fleshed out by blurry synth stabs, it’s an exuberant tune that begs for a full floor. This single embodies what the label's top releases do best: engaging both diehard fans and first time listeners with deftly written, accessible tracks. Jona is one to keep an eye on; an album of tracks like these could have him jockeying for the spotlight with his more well known label mates.
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      A Evidence B Smart Cats Vs. Dumb Dogs