D.I.M. - Airbus Baby

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  • Young noisenik Andi Meid follows up his rambunctious debut 'Sysiphos' with an even louder beast, again for Tiga's Turbo Recordings. 'Airbus Baby' lurches forth drunkenly, distorted Ed Banger drums and blips stomping around a buzzsaw bassline so obnoxious it would put T. Raumschmiere to shame. Shuffled rhythms stumble and fall, struggling to latch onto the grotesquely swollen rhythm – it’s all too restless for my repetitive tastes but there's no denying the crescendo at the midpoint break, where reverbed pachinko chaos, stinging hiss and bulbous kettle drums surge the needle way into the red. Amid the ruckus, there's a refreshing bounce to the loops, but it’s seldom left long enough to enjoy. I’m almost left yearing for – dare I say it – a minimal remix. 'F.R.O.G.G.E.R' on the B lets in a little more air, allowing low end 303 patterns to sound spacious despite a kick that pounds and stutters like a jackhammer. Meid soon crams each crevice with disorienting bustle and screech, however, concluding matters in a swirl of nightmarish sideshow noise. One for those who find Basteroid a bit tame.
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      A Airbus Baby B F.R.O.G.G.E.R.