Rejected - SL3/Cliche

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  • Joris Voorn's solo productions have smooth synth textures and subdued, crisp rhythms that both nod to Detroit and have a flair all of their own. Together with Edwin Oosterwal as Rejected, Voorn has taken a tougher European approach in the past – tracks such as ‘Dec Trec’ and ‘For the People’ were straight-up, floor-driven techno aimed at cranking up the heat in more indulgent club atmospheres. Yet 'SL3' proves to be a poke in the eye for anyone expecting more of the same. Yes, there are little house-influenced finger clicks, and a get-busy bass synth, but then, surprisingly enough, it finds room for Voorn’s trademark euphoric sweeps, although this time they’re used very sparingly instead of developed throughout the track in his customary epic fashion. In effect it’s a snippet of Voorn in his solo style, with the subtlety of the sweeps teasing the listener as the rest of the track pulses along insistently. 'Cliche' is more of an overview of what's been happening clubwise in the last couple of years. Everyone’s mother is having a stab at minimal, and Joris and Edwin follow suit, without quite getting in bed with the mob completely. The distinctive swells give it an original touch, and there’s a half bleep/half beat sound that’ll remind you who you are listening to. Both sides are dependable club fare, but neither is as strong or complete as 'Dec Trec'. That said, if the rig is big enough, you could quite easily lose the plot dancing to these cuts.
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      A SL3 B Cliché