Phonique - John

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  • Who is this mysterious ‘John’ that the track title alludes to? Phonique, probably best known for his hit ‘The Red Dress’ doesn’t divulge too much info here, but if John is his muse then he must be quite the indistinguishable character, as there is nothing much that separates this deep housey number from the rest of the pack. Clocking in at just over six minutes, at the end I found myself wondering “is that it?” Perhaps the fact that ‘John’ is only included as a bonus tune on the CD version of Phonique’s new album is telling of its stature. ‘John’ subtly builds with continuous chord loop, kind of plateaus and then peters away, and that really is about it. Mr V and Reelsoul must have thought the same thing as they inject some much needed substance into ‘John’ with their remix. Slapping on their seventies porn star moustaches, V & Reelsoul jazz things up literally. Providing a spaced out airy wash over the entire affair, the pair add a much needed keyboard solo into the mix and take things back to the smooth sounds of the boogie nights era. Coooool. The remix has definitely given the track a bit more punch, but I can’t help but feel like the original was unfinished leftovers from the album sessions.
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      A1 John A2 John (Mr. Reelsoul aka Mr V & William “Reelsoul” Rodriguez Remix)