Skream - Skreamizm Vol: 3

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  • Skream is the 20-year-old wunderkind hugely responsible for dubstep’s blow-up in the last year. His debut LP ‘Skream!’ was a potent mix of sinister basslines and laid-back dub vocals, with jazzy two-step and straight-out grime on the bill as well. Fans of that album are in for a bit of a surprise with his latest, ‘Skreamizm Vol: 3’, as he’s done away with the playful, chilled-out vibe that criss-crossed ‘Skream!’ in favor of far darker sounds. ‘Losing Control’ is less opener, more peaktime material: relentlessly steady bass, syncopated drums and “Star Wars” laser sound effects collide on a tempo that’s far faster than usual for dubstep. Much like his first hit ‘Midnight Request Line’, ‘Lose Control’ is dubstep through-and-through but with definite crossover appeal for bold DJs. The same can’t be said for the EP’s other two originals, ‘Chestboxin’’ and ‘Make Me’, both of which are unapologetically wicked. ‘Chestboxin’’ strikes a nice balance between high-end creepiness and low-end wobble, and would complement a scene from one of those “torture porn” horror movies quite nicely. ‘Make Me’ is decent dancefloor darkness, with the bass plunging further and further down the scale while a female vocal moans, “Make me daaaaance….make me hot…” But with a yawner of a breakdown and six-minute running time, ‘Make Me’ goes limp long before it’s over. Unmemorable “Skream!” holdover ‘Check It’, featuring Warrior Queen on vocals, finishes things out. Skream fans are sure to dig the ‘Lose Control’ track, and ‘Chestboxin’’ would make for solid ammunition if you’re ever spinning a vampire club night. ‘Make Me’ and ‘Check It’, on the other hand, are little more than filler.
  • Tracklist
      A Losing Control B Chest Boxing C Make Me D Skream feat. Warrior Queen: Check It (Vocal Mix)