Joakim – Lonely Hearts

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  • Even before listening to Joakim’s latest single, which is taken from his album 'Monsters & Silly Songs', you know it’s going to fall into one of two categories: a silly song or a monster of a tune. From the off, it was quite obvious which it is. Definitely a silly song. Not silly in a quirky, funny way but rather silly as in poppy and dated. Nicolas Ker’s vocals are the main problem; he repeats himself about “lonely hearts, lonely me, lonely you, lonely space, lonely ways…” yes, yes, for god’s sake we get the point, Nicolas, everything’s lonely! It’s pretty agitating stuff, and disappointing to boot, because I really do enjoy the eccentricity of Joakim’s DJ sets, not to mention releases such as ‘I Wish You Were Gone’. But before you change the CD out of sheer irritation, check out Tim Goldsworthy’s Loving Hands remix, which injects the track with energy by giving it a more DFA electro punk-funk feel. Those vocals make an appearance, but they’re slowed down and given room to breathe around drawn out synths and a bass, creating a nice little contrast against the building groove. As the electro groove shows its hand, the sparseness surrounding the vocals does its thing and the two eventually intertwine into a pleasurable momentum. Not quite a monster, but a surprise nonetheless.
  • Tracklist
      1. Lonely Hearts (Radio Edit) 2. Lonely Hearts (Album Version) 3. Lonely Hearts (Loving Hand Remix by Tim Goldsworthy)