Patrice Bäumel - Just Electricity

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  • Patrice Baumel previously released ‘Mutant Pop’ on Trapez in 2005. Since then his style has moved even further from minimalism and towards that of trance. There are two very similar sides here: both with bouncing electro basslines, nagging melodies and energetic breakdowns. Each time the track breaks down more layers of melody are added. Of the two ‘Fantomas’ has the better riff, and the more original construction. However anyone who’s spent much time in clubs recently will always know what is about to happen next when listening to either side. And indeed this is my personal problem with ‘nu-trance’ – not very much of it seems ‘nu’. The marching band melodies and stretched breakdowns will always evoke the podiums, lasers and Ben Sherman shirts of the late nineties. For mainstream clubbers this is acceptable, if not anthemic fare. However for more dedicated sorts it’s entirely the wrong side of the cheese line.
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      A Just Electricity B Fantomas