Sandiego - Axum

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  • This is Sandiego’s fourth release and first on Trapez. It hews very closely to the Trapez template. There are skippy hats and clipped, precise melodic bleeps. The kick drums thump in hard and satisfying. It’s all nicely constructed and builds as it should. It’ll keep people on the dancefloor, but is unlikely to entice wallflowers to leave their seats. And that’s because there are no surprises here. Both sides feel as though they could have come out on Trapez at any point in the last three years. It’s textbook minimal. If you love the Trapez sound you should still give this a listen but non-devotees can give it a miss. I don’t want to join in the chorus of “there’s too much boring minimal” because, basically, this is true of every genre. However there is too much boring Trapez and its something this veteran label needs to address before we all stop checking for their releases.
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      A Axum B Rogoredo