Joker - Capsize EP

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  • For someone making his debut on a new label in a new scene, Bristol’s Joker comes already with a strong buzz and all the right credentials. Hardly a surprise in dubstep. Joker, who is barely able to vote and drink, fits the mould of the stereotyped dubstep producer perfectly: another prodigy with a muse in video games. The question then is, does he stand out? Does he live up to the hype? The jury is out and awaiting something more. His sound lies somewhere between the equally genius and irritating Planet Mu sound and classical first wave dubstep. The opener ‘Stuck in the System’ somehow overcomplicates itself, looking for a grand entrance among the strings and fat bass. The drums are too simple and too far away leaving a lasting impression that is too inorganic. ‘Grimey Princess’ is possibly the best with a more IDM sound, but importantly it allows itself space to dream. The balance here is almost right, the bass just needing a little something else. ‘The Bop’ kicks off with a guitar lick yet there is no real punch to follow. The beat just doesn’t wind itself up enough. ‘JV Anderson’ ends proceedings in name and perhaps with abstract vocals in the most grime-influenced number. Humorous and more free and nasty, it balances out an EP that shows more promise than it delivers.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Stuck In The System A2 Grimey Princess B1 The Bop B2 J.V. Anderson