Alexander Maier - Road Of Injury

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  • Stuttgart’s Alexander Maier, who also goes by arguably the worst moniker in all of dance music (DJ All-Star), makes his debut on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly imprint with the double A-Side ‘Road Of Injury’ and ‘Made In Nebraska’. In the same vein as other recent Buzzin Flys, this EP stays on the whole deep-minimal-trance tip, but these tracks don’t really pack as much punch as previous releases. ‘Road of Injury’ is reminiscent of late nineties epic trance and could easily be mistaken for a Bonzai label issue. A simple trance riff repetitively drones on before an adequate bassline shuffles it into dancefloor territory. Unfortunately, shuffle and drone is all it does. The same goes for the B-side ‘Made In Nebraska’ too. It’s warm. It’s deep. It’s boring. It’s throbbing bassline sounds promising to begin with, but the simplistic twinkling melodies just keep looping without doing much else. It’s the repetition, and for want of a better word, lack of progression, that really lets this release down. With so much of this type of sound being produced these days, there’s bound to be some overkill. Maier tries for some originality by taking it really deep, but the end result seems plodding. A surprising dip in the usually reliable quality of Buzzin’ Fly.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Road Of Injury B1 Made In Nebraska