Matthias Tanzmann - Nip Slip

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  • Ever go to a bad club night and hear just one fine track amidst the generic sludge? I did, and it turns out, after much Soulseeking, that it was Matthias Tanzmann’s ‘Nip Slip’. Tanzmann’s label Moon Harbour is one of those German imprints that is torn between deep house and minimal, a dilemma which has sometimes paid excellent dividends - Daniel Stefanik’s ‘Liquid’ on the label proved that deep house put together with minimal sound design can bring out the best in both genres. As a producer, Tanzmann himself has often sided with tried and true house templates rather than the sound nerd world of minimal techno, but ‘Nip Slip’ gets the balance right, taking one fantastically selected house stab and slowly modulating it over six minutes to glorious effect. There’s a breakdown here, and a bit of mechanical plip-plop chucked in to let you know what year it is, but this is all about the stab vs. the cutoff filter. Three minutes in, it develops exactly the right balance between groove and intricacy, and there you go, the club is rolling again. B-side ‘Procon’ is virtuoso synth flourishes over a dubbier feel, but it’s too random to pack the same kind of punch. 'Nip Slip' is the track here, and I must have become more of a deep house fan, because it made my night.
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      A1 Nip Slip B1 Procon