Funk D'Void & Phil Kieran - White Light

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  • Like a thrilling derby football match, the new 12” from Funk D'void and Phil Kieran is a game of two halves, with two tracks of opposing strategies going head to head. The Belfast/Glasgow collab keeps on truckin' with the fourth instalment of their dancefloor friendly series, which has thus far managed a hundred percent strike rate – every release has found its way into the boxes of the big room jocks. You get a sense that FDV had more of an input on 'White Light'. A thin snare barely keeps the lid on a deep 303 bassline and swells of soft Eno-esque synths – this track builds and simultaneously disorientates, running down cul-de-sacs before finding its way out. It borders ever so close to cheese, but pick your moment carefully and its saccharine tone will surely have loved-uppers beaming from ear to ear. The complete antithesis to all this tear-inducing harmony is the booty-shaker 'Black as You Like'. Sounding like a carbon copy of 'Black Worm' minus the big bleep, its gritty intervals of squiggled and jagged noise samples makes it feel much more like a Phil Kieran track than the A-side. Unashamedly blunt and heavy, this one could well land itself in court for a bit of grevious bodily harm and will no doubt be an effective set tool as we approach the summer. A double-pronged outing that combines sweet and sour, or a bit of sauciness with a grilled tech house platter for a main course.
  • Tracklist
      A White Light B Black As You Like