Martin Landsky - Let Me Dance

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  • You know change is afoot when Poker Flat reshuffle their deck. Hamburg ambassador Martin Landsky here upsets the standard bleep template with a look back to US house roots but, being Pokerflat (and Landsky), the shift is both tidy and slight. 'Let Me Dance' opens with a gloomy cloud of Detroit strings and predictibly on-cue bass tones before pepped-up hats skip like Trapez amid equally restless tambourines. The eponymous vocal comes in, shrouded in preset minimal sensuality, with congas, blippy synth pings and steam jets all shot through with minor delay gradually brought in then out. No real development - I had to keep checking it wasn't scratched - but the boompity vibe should loosen up early minimal sets. Overleaf Sebo-K is tastier, taking the Chicago via Berlin route ala Ron Trent on Main Street. The voice is more immediate, the hats more straightforward, and there's trademark Mobilee woodblocks and pixie dust, but the action's to be found in the simple update/rehash of basic (channel-esque) house tropes: drums grinding out a beefy low-slung rhythm and a concrete-grey dub stab with slight hints of Maurizio. Aside from the digital detail this could be a 1995 release, but it does point to a - potentially - interesting direction for European post-minimal techno to take. Aril Brikha is next out on Poker Flat - new Detroit?
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      A Let Me Dance B Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix)