Sascha Funke/Larsson - Camping 03

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  • This is the third and final release from Bpitch control's 'Camping 03' compilation, and judging by the quality of the tracks here, it appears Sascha Funke and Larsson just decided to phone this one in. These two cuts are supposed to be the 'club hits’ off the comp, but they nowhere near live up to the designation. Sascha Funke has had a string of quality releases as of late, ranging from the sleek single 'Auf Aix' to a remix of Heartthrob's 'Baby Kate' that may have surpassed (and out-gothed) the original. This ain’t one of them. With 'I Love this Tent' we find Funke abandoning his trademark trancey hugeness for a quieter, less urgent sound. The track suffers from this decision, seeming only to whisper aimlessly for an overlong six minutes. Funke's personality does emerge around the 1:30 mark, but it's far too brief and not enough to save the sinking ship. On the bright side, he may have invented a new sub-genre: Elevator techno. On the flip side Larsson drops a nice piece of minimal funk with 'Off Voices', his debut with Bpitch Control. He moves his effort forward with an immediacy that the Sascha Funke lacks, the deftly layered percussion varies enough to grab the listener's attention and continues to build with some nice technical flourishes but then...nothing. It just fades into the sunset. Overall, neither track is really fit for the extended treatment given here, sounding more like cutting-floor pieces than anything else. A truly disappointing release, and a surprising misstep from the rapidly rising Bpitch Control family.
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      A Sascha Funke - I Love This Tent B Larsson - Off Voices