Daso - Absinthe EP

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  • A great name for an EP – everyone’s favourite green spirit has a mind-altering power to take you places you’ve never before visited and, hopefully, the same goes for the music inside. Daso follows a long line of artists, including the impressionists and surrealists, along the green brick wormwood road, and if the results here show what kind of drunk he is, he’s a moody and melancholic one. Opener 'Thujon' sets the dark tone nicely. Enhanced by an off key metallic stab and some trancey stylings that hint at what is to come, it peaks nicely about half way through, but never overreaches itself. Second track 'Louche', after a plodding start, settles into a liquid-like state of uncertainty, a state of grogginess that slowly evolves and subtly climaxes. 'La Fee Verte' rounds things off nicely, blending the feeling of the two preceding tracks into a bittersweet melody that twists its way through more than a few seedy waterfront bars. All in all a strong package. The overriding melancholia is particularly poignant, as is the cinematic quality. None of these tracks are peak time, they're much too elusive for that, but there's a fertile imagination at work here, a warmth, and a slightness of hand that should ensure that this EP finds a home in the DJ box for a while to come. Connaisseur is fast emerging as one of Germany's best thought-provoking tech house labels, and Daso is starting to develop as an artist of some note.
  • Tracklist
      A Thujon B1 Louche B2 La Fée Verte