Half Hawaii - Into You

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  • Everyone says that “minimal” is over – my god, trends burn out quickly, don’t they? But you sense that the folks at Perlon Records will carry on regardless of what Shoreditch thinks, like they’ve been doing 1997. The sixtieth release on the German label is from Half Hawaii, made up of Canadian Bruno Pronsato [Underline, Orac] and long time Perlon patriot Sammy Dee from the weird but loveable Pantytec. Like all Perlon tracks, both ‘Into You’ and ‘Out of You’ strip down techno to its core elements, this time leaving aside Pronsato’s signature samples and messy spasms (check Magda’s ‘She’s a Dancing Machine’ for four exhibits) to make space for intensity, space in the bass and drums and a slightly unfinished feel. ‘Into You’ will cause the most dancefloor impact here, but like Ricardo Villalobos’s ‘Chromosoul’ or Melchior and Luciano’s ‘Father’, both sides of this 12” are proof that when you take obvious stabs, build ups and headache-inducing anthemic synths out of club music, you are sometimes left with a clarity that gives dancers much more room to move (and to think) on the floor.
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      A Into You B Out Of You