Lusine - Podgelism: Select Remixes

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  • It’s hard to pick the best of the bunch of these four tracks, such is their quality and variation. All are culled from ‘Podgelism’, Ghostly International’s compendium of remixes of Seattle-based Lusine’s 2004 album ‘Serial Hodgepodge’. All four tracks respect the sensuality and sonic clarity of the original release with a marked reverence and intelligence. Robag Wruhme is up first with his version of ‘The Stop’, perhaps the most frantic of the four. Light and shifty at first, it drops in and out of an urgent and driving bass run that just wont stay down. It’s riddled with chiming changes and airy percussive lures that are just mesmerising and perhaps a little more mature than some of Wruhme’s more humorous and deconstructive work on the Krause label. Apparat’s shorter end to the first side is the most enigmatic track and, although the least danceable, it is still rhythmic and laced with post-rock flavours as well as a jaw-dropping hypnotism. The melancholy piano ambience of the original quickly caves in to fiery vibrations and determined emotions. On the B-side, John Tejada lays back and lets you get on top with ‘Make it Easy’. Pure melodic sighs blend seamlessly with crunchy beats and scraping drone washes, keeping up the steady pace for a comfortable and light-hearted afternoon’s grind. Lastly, Lawrence repays the favour for Lusine’s 2005 remix of ‘The Night Will Last Forever’ with a gently persistent take on ‘Everything Under the Sun’. The Hamburg techno producer underpins it all with a 4-4 heartbeat and salty snares that work effortlessly to lift the pace of the original while the peaceful ambient drift is retained with chiming melodic freckles. Sunshine indeed.
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      A1 The Stop (Robag Wruhme Remix) A2 Drip (Apparat Remix) B1 Make It Easy (John Tejada Remix) B2 Everything Under The Sun (Lawrence Remix)