Guy J - Self Love

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  • It’s a surprise to see digital label Proton release a record like ‘Self Love’. On a label better known for progressive rhythms and tender melodies, Guy J’s latest offering stands out like a Christmas tree in June. The Israeli producer, who first reared his head in 2006 with ‘Hazui’ on Electribe, ‘Never Say No’ on Deep Focus, and ‘Resek’ on Deep Records, here traces a path closer to that of Guy Gerber’s bullish electro. ‘Self love’ is my favorite cut on this release, bringing back the warm synths and intricate melodies most readily associated with producers like Luke Chable. The snares build up smoothly, breakdowns are short and accompanied by sweet carillons befitting a perfect sunrise on the beach, danceable but loose-fitting enough for home listening. ‘Ear Canal’ enlists elements of ‘Hazui’ to good effect, drawing distorted synths into steady grooves and overlaying them with crippled strings that bring Gerber’s name to mind. The stabbing drum effect that accompanies a series of whacked-out voice samples leaves no doubt that this track will make dancefloors sweat. The final track on ‘Self Love’ has Guy J attempting to fuse a variety of genres into a warm electro cut. ‘Star Attack’ brings back the balmy chords of ‘Self Love’ but with a more spacious feel that falls only just short of the climax promised by the two first cuts. Don’t expect cutting edge techno on this release, but this is ‘emotional dance music’ at its best. With future releases on Audio Therapy and Global Underground, Guy J is a name that you’re sure to be hearing plenty of in the near future.
  • Tracklist
      A Self Love B Ear Canal C Star Attack