Christian Smith - Finca Dofi

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  • Never known to shy away from putting out big techno records, like his 'Dirty Bass' combo with Carl Cox, Swede-in-Barcelona Christian Smith hasn't done too many solo productions since his 'Mojito' days, prefering to solidify his partnership with John Selway. The duo's efforts combine Smith’s funky techno leanings with the more progressive and – dare I say it - trancey tenor of Selway, and the results have been some driving workouts thus far. For this expedition, Smith decides to go the 'new' minimal route drafting in Alexi Delano to share a glass or two from the cellar. ‘Finca Dofi’ the wine is a Catalonian drop that goes for $50 a bottle, but within minutes of giving 'Finca Dofi' the track a spin it becomes apparent that it has more in common with Tescos’ finest than any expensive bottle of plonk. It should be a heady enough brew to guarantee a certain number of partiers will lose the plot, but it may leave you with quite a sore head as the rattling percussion and gritty bass does the damage. This brash affair isn't anything like Smith's more famed co-productions, but still it's a big-room thumper for the festival season and will probably see support from the usual big-name euro-techno boys. On the flip, Mr. Delano turns this package around, brushing off his recent 'What is Control' fiasco to offer up a much steadier number. Gutting the original of its walloping drums and hats, Delano develops the synths to open out the piece into a softer, more amicable track. Sure, this isn't quite the cat’s pyjamas either, but Delano’s side of this record is more musical, which could be enough to ensure that his version of 'Finca Dofi' will gain prominence with those seeking a more refined method of intoxication.
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      A Finca Dofi B Finca Dofi (Alexi Delano remix)