Lopazz - Share My Rhythm

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  • Lopazz is a strange, dynamic character whose music has covered a wide range of approaches and aesthetics since 2003. Earlier releases were haunting, discordant affairs with a schizophrenic flair which he would later learn to channel into more ear-pleasing but likewise potent tracks. His energetic works have been remixed by Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos, appeared in the mixes of DJs ranging from Tiefschwarz to Sven Väth to Chicken Lips, and landed Lopazz a spot on the Get Physical roster. His new release, ‘Share My Rhythm’ is his most refined work and an excellent fit for GP, equal parts twilight tech-house and joyful party-starter. ‘Share My Rhythm’ conjures up a evening setting where only night owls and nocturnal creatures still move about among breezy keyboard coos, languid vocals beckoning listeners to “share my rhythm” and a gritty bass line shuffling from foot to foot. Plucked metallic strings supply a bright melodic counterpoint to the darkness, like twinkling stars decked out in reverb. While the track’s underbelly maintains a decent pace, the strings’ reverberations warp the listener’s perception of tempo, making for a pleasant, if slightly disorienting experience and an obvious choice for M.A.N.D.Y.’s 2006 ‘At The Controls’ mix album. The A-side is shared with ‘Gimme Gimme’, a kinetic floor filler which steals the show. Its sprightly synth oscillations and nimble plinking pads will transform an ordinary club into a whirling, neon-lit carousel discotheque. A bassline so thick it recoils with each hit adds plenty of bounce, joined by a host of tinkling percussion, chanting vocalists and thin slices of backbeat guitar. On the flipside is Isoleés remix of Share My Rhythmm, one which strips the soulful tendencies of the original and recasts the tune for the dancefloor. Overriding all other elements is a thrumming bassline, which, when joined by more front and center percussion, submerges the strings and synths under a layer of buzz, only occasionally surfacing to remind listeners whatts being remixed. The A-side, however, is likely to further increase Lopazzzs growing profile among DJs and fans alike. I wouldnnt be surprised if a quite a few clubs get turned into carousels this summer, if only for just a few minutes.
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      A1 Share My Rhythm A2 Gimme Gimme B Share My Rhythm (Isolée RMX)