Charlie May vs. Sasha - Seal Clubbing

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  • Well, I won't bore you with the history of Sasha – in the end it’s his ‘Godfather of prog’ status that people are interested in, and in terms of production, it’s a reputation built of course on Charlie May co-productions. The duo got back together again recently for ‘Seal Clubbing’, which has melody in its riff and a certain atmospheric quality, but it fails miserably to match their previous accolades or to develop another sound. The track will immediately remind fans of Sasha’s ‘Airdrawndagger’ days, but sadly, it also reiterates the idea that the progressive house scene has now gone totally stale. Fortunately, it is Sasha protégé James Zabiela who drags the track, kicking and screaming, up to date with his Seal Squeal Remix. Obviously, Zabiela played one too many video games as a youngster, as the remix twitches like a wonky Nintendo before the beauty of the original melodic riff returns to masterful effect. The ‘electro’ tag has become an extremely dirty one in underground circles, nevertheless this mix is squelchy electro breaks done with style and verve. Have the roles of the master and the sidekick now been reversed?
  • Tracklist
      A Seal Clubbing (Original) B Seal Clubbing (James Zabiela Seal Squeal Remix)