Audio Werner - Flatfunk

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  • Why is that Germans are so adept at producing highly mechanised and functional electronic music? Audio Werner’s productions, particularly 'Just Wanna Get Down' and 'Onandon' in recent times, are as sleek and efficient as German autobahns and the cars that whiz down them. Anyone familiar with the Hartchef honcho's repertoire will recognise 'Flatfunk' as his production immediately: it’s an epic eleven minutes of melody and flowing intricacy with Detroit-styled keys that anchor it to the past – this is a deep effort that’s sure to receive plenty of play from fans of groovier minimised sounds. The second track 'Dba' is more standard, a shuffler which just about saves itself from mundanity with some warped percussion and nice echoed rhythm towards the finish. But Werner has one more trick tucked up his sleeve: 'Moved' is a moodier number with a xylophone and shimmering bead sounds, like some exotic belly dancer getting jiggy with it. It’s a move away from the club and might be an acquired taste for the uninitiated, but I like it. This release impresses with each play and ranks up there with anything I've heard from Werner. A worth add to any collection.