Faze Action - In the Trees Remixes

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  • Faze Action's 1996 original on Nuphonic was – along with their Yellow Sox 12" – one of the best things released on the intermittently excellent label. Everything finally went tits up for Nuphonic in 2004, but their mantle has been passed on to Tirk, who are continuing with their pleasing 'almost anything goes as long as it's good (and not techno)' credo with aplomb. Aaannnyyyway, the string-laden original of 'In The Trees' has remained something of a (reasonably widely available) cult classic, so the good folk behind Juno.co.uk decided to mark their tenth anniversary by making it the first in their ten-part re-release/remix series. All mildly interesting – until we heard they had roped in Carl Craig, and then we got quite excited. And then we put his C2 remix on and got even more excited, as it's very good indeed. Beginning with dramatic stabbing synths, Craig slowly layers the key elements – a subtle kick, chugging breakbeat and pitch-shifting pads – into an impressive, all-encompassing groove. The eventual arrival of the distinctive orchestration is quite an event – doubled-up and slightly phased, the strings carry an impressive malice unthinkable from the original. Craig is content to let them play out with only the lightweight breakbeat for support – the kick arrives a full two minutes later, supported by a 'Throw'-style snippet of the original bassline and those marauding synths. It's a big track – another big track – so it begs the question: when is the 'Carl Craig's getting too damn popular' backlash going to begin? Any Detroit-obsessed dullard brave enough to call him out? More fool you if you do. (Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Jerome Sydenham and Tiger Stripes supply three streamlined NYC house mixes that sound exactly like you'd expect remixes of ‘In The Trees’ to sound like. And are therefore a bit pointless.)
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      1. Carl Craig C2 remix #1 2. Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes rendition 3. Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes dark rub 4. Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes club mix 5. Faze Action original 1996 mix