Williams - The Shivering

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  • Williams is on a roll. Like all self-respecting popular electronic artists, he’s now started his own label, Love Triangle, and ‘The Shivering’ is its debut release. DJs like Digweed, Garnier, Fanciulli, Tiga, and Deep Dish were caning the CDR, and now it’s officially out. So what’s it like? The original is a dark bubbly affair reminiscent of Funk D’Void. There’s a growling bass that remains the centerpiece throughout, an upliftingly poppy chord progression and filtered twisted melodies – instant dancefloor material. On the B, Pitch & Hold, who have confessed that they would not even still be producing if it weren’t for Williams, take a more upfront angle. Their effort makes great use of Williams’ melodies by bringing them to the foreground, and the result is bigroom minimal-trance comparable to recent Buzzin’ Fly releases. The Bodzin & Romboy rethink comes digital only, which is a shame. It begins stripped and percussive before Bodzin’s trademark heavy bassline inevitably rumbles in: It’s a massive bass that creates a monstrous sound, and when the scant melody arrives, it’s content to follow along in the shadow of the bass. The effect is a distorted, techno, funereal cacophony. And you know what? It works. Without breaking any new ground, this is still a quality effort from the consistent Williams. Both Pitch & Hold and Bodzin & Romboy bring fresh approaches without diverging too far away from the formula, completing a decent debut for Love Triangle.
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      A Williams - The Shivering B Williams - The Shivering (Pitch & Hold's in Camera Remix) Digital Only - Williams - The Shivering (Bodzin & Romboy Remix)