Samim - Eternally Collapsing Object EP

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  • Eclectic Swiss Iranian Samim is (well, was) one half of Fuckpony, and his first cocktail on Mathias Tanzmann’s deep house-turned-minimal imprint Moon Harbour picks up where his outings on Tuning Spork and Get Physical left off: the three tracks here are bass bumpy, weird vocal wonders. A-side ‘Radiative’ starts off choppy and warm, its beats, bass and samples grinding well together like loved up kids on the dancefloor. I especially like the arrangement on this; it’s very human, not mathematical at all, and the vocal snippets really work to funk up the structure of the track. I can’t warm to the flipside so much: ‘Eco’ leads with percussion and bleeps that build to a soft break, but it’s nowhere near as instant and sonically tight as it should be. ‘SKKS’ is my pick of the three; this sounds to me like Matt John in a good mood: serious jack with stripped down beats and jungle-jangle freaky vocal samples that’ll really warm your legs. Overall, Samim’s bag of tricks is an appealing one. ‘Radiative’ and ‘SKKS’ especially recalling Haze’s and Samim’s overlooked project Bearback; two tracks with soul, tight arrangements and a goofiness that’ll make you smile.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Skks A2 Radiative B Eco