Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit Remixes

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  • Claude VonStroke’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?’ may have only come home with the bronze in RA’s top tracks of 2006, but it will surely go down as the year’s biggest tune when EDM's history books are written. No wonder, then, that it’s now on its fourth and fifth official remixes, courtesy of breaks bigwigs Stanton Warriors and house hotshot Paul Woolford. Following a trifecta from American techno’s past, present and future – Kevin Saunderson, Audion, and Tanner Ross – ‘Detroit’ gets a major fish-out-of-water rework in its first trip overseas. Stanton Warriors roll up their sleeves and gut it like a rusty old Buick, installing some V8 breaks and a flamed-up electro paintjob. Much like the mental picture this evokes, the Warriors’ remix is unimaginative and a bit cheesy, little more than “the breaks version” of VonStroke’s original. The breakbeat is rad, though; ultra punchy and begging for a vocal acapella to really sail home. Come on, VonStroke’s laptop jockey neighbors – “the best mashups in the world ever are from San Francisco”, right? Get on it! Paul Woolford takes the same blueprint but, hilariously, reads it upside-down, scratching his head and crossing his eyes. Clocking in at just over twelve minutes, Woolford's remix has more in common with Pink Floyd’s ‘On the Run’ than VonStroke’s original. There are a few bleeps from the memorable first break in ‘Detroit’ scattered haphazardly throughout, but for the most part Mr. Woolford seems interested in taking it further down the rabbit hole. For three-quarters of the way it's a near-relentless low-frequency synth wave, inexplicably ending on big, uplifting, “Yanni: Live at the Acropolis” synths. This one's strictly for the “no one’s listening warm-up set”, and fans of the original would do best to shy away. But fans of pot and the visualizer feature on your computer’s music player would do best to kill the lights, crank the sub, take a hit and strap in.
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      A Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Paul Woolford Remix) B Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Stanton Warriors Remix)