Fuckpony - The Dark Side of the Pony (Part Two)

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  • Jay Haze had by all accounts a fine 2006. His Fuckpony project capped off a successful move from the U.S. to Berlin and certainly caught the attention of moody techno fans – we've all heard a superlative or ten thrown his way. 'Dark Side of the Pony Pt. 2' is Fuckpony's first release of 2007. A-side 'Flower' – wow, this is really raw sounding. Wait a sec, am I actually trippin’ out in a dark Detroit basement or what? It's a fun tune, littered with thrusting '90s acid and sure to satisfy dancers who get off on Detroit-style synths. In some ways the song is a tease – there are points where a build leads to little, and you're left thinking those claps could have kicked in at a different time than they did. It might not go anywhere in particular, but it does create a mood. B-side 'Cold Slave' is a bit like 'Flower's' younger and more doped-up brother. Born of the same darkness and unmistakable old-school acid, the cut moves forward around an identifiable twisting riff that never lets go. There’s also a spoken word vocal attesting to the importance of groove and the unifying power of underground music, but it’s not exactly authoritative. Must be that little brother thing. In 'Dark Side of The Pony Pt. 2', Fuckpony have created a decidedly average record: good underground fun, but not especially memorable.
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      A Flower B Cold Slave