Black Joy - Untitled (Stefan Goldmann & Solid Groove Remixes)

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  • First release on Freerange in 2007 is a second helping of refittings of Black Joy’s jazz constructed house ‘Untitled’. The original might not have been all that, but the first edition is worth picking up for Kerri Chandler's typically righteous and soulful remix on the B. Yet take plenty of cash with you – here Berlin's Stefan Goldmann has managed to top even Kerri with a timeless deep house rework. First up though, Solid Groove trades his usual bump and ghetto jive for more melody, keys and soul, with results that I rather like. Sunday chords stab and swirl around rolling beats, the bpm is slow - always good for the ladies – while the melody is catchy and very yesteryear. Production wise, it’s not as tight as Dave's other work, but nevertheless, this a nice edge to his studio sword. But the B-side is truly where the action is. Stefan Goldmann charges out of the changing room with a remix that is super deep, and makes me smile unashamedly. This has all the warmth and layering of Goldemann's recent work on Perlon and Innervisions: Sliding soft clicks and double handclaps set the tone, the looped elements build, the pads stream deep underneath a reversed, pitched up and generally fucked with vocal that nearly pushes this into classic territory. Nice, warm and well dressed, skip the A and go directly to the solid groove on the B – Stefan's got the zeitgeist down to a T.
  • Tracklist
      A Untitled (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version) AA Untitled (Solid Groove Remix)