Donato Dozzy - Dimensions EP

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  • Trance is the disco of the ‘90s, as popular at its height as it’s been maligned in its wake. It’s a genre that has never been taken seriously by highbrow critics – and mostly with good reason. But it’s a shame too, in a way. As M. Mayer said in a recent interview: “The word ‘trance’ itself doesn’t mean anything bad – au contraire – it’s exactly the state everyone wants to reach while dancing. But since ‘trance’ is occupied by this retarded arpeggio/snare roll/glow stick culture, nobody wants to use that term in a credible way anymore.” Along with young artists like James Holden and Jesse Somfay, Donato Dozzy and his Elettronica Romana cohorts are the first generation to look back on trance as a historical genre and recoup, in their own ways, their visions or versions of what’s worth saving from the sound. Where Somfay and Holden use contemporary sound design to create a trancey ‘feeling’, Dozzy’s music draws its power from the classic signals it riffs on. It’s a chancy game, but it mostly works. ‘Gol’ is every inch the classic acid-trance sound, with its gulping groove, spooky pads and freaked out atmosphere, it sounds just like a cross between early Speedy J and Air Liquide. ‘Fazah’ follows in the same vein, with a one note ‘Da da-da-da-da da-da’ slowly being tweaked open and shut over seven minutes of unsettling harmonics. Perhaps this EP will be too retro for most people, but it’s a nice execution of an old, faithful concept that never failed to send the field reeling.
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      A Gol B Fazah