David K - Mayann

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  • I gotta say, I love the Cocoon label: it’s got the tunes, it’s got floaty synths, it’s got Sven. Recently everyone’s favourite techno uncle has been putting his money on Parisian producer David K, whose star you sense is rising, and a very good match it is indeed: Cocoon’s strength is with atmospheric tranced-up techno and the sound of ‘Mayann’ is right up there with ‘Sea of Sand’ in the bliss stakes. Alas, the cut is not well developed enough to be the huge hit it should be; its six minutes pass in a flash, and just when it seems to be getting ready to smack back into the biggest, raviest techno crowdpleaser ever…it ends. Criminal. Still, you’ve got to hear it – it’s the cutest baby ‘Rej’ has had yet. On the B-side ‘Tender and Sugar’ is misleadingly named (it’s anything but soft and sweet), but it suffers from more structural problems; David K is a fantastic producer who seems to have a wee bit of trouble ordering his ideas for maximum impact. ‘Tender…’ is nine minutes of churning, brooding build that’ll no doubt make the Berghain leather boys grind (not that that’s any recommendation; let's face it, they’ll do that to anything), but in the end, it’s all expectancy and no delivery. Yet that shouldn’t in any way detract from ‘Mayann’, which is one of those cuts that’ll have you leaning over the booth trying to make out its spinning title. If you have the time.
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      A Mayann B Tender & Sugar