Jesse Rose - Body Language Vol. 3

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  • Some people (some even at the very RA office) would like you to believe that mixed compilations on compact discs, in the age of digital live recordings, Proton Radio, and immediate availability, are a dead format. I mean, why would we pay for an 80-minute Fabric compilation when any artist's live sets are at anyone's disposal online for free? Well, other than the sometimes dodgy quality and the arbitrary starts and finishes of the aforementioned sets, a live experience for a DJ is quite different than a studio recording, especially when it comes to mixing; although both aims and receivers are the same, the context is radically different. Think of it as the variance between jerking off and actual love-making, if you want. Well, according to Jesse Rose's 'Body Language Vol. 3', the British DJ and producer's official array in the Get Physical mix series and stable, Rose is quite good at playing with and for himself, which can actually amount to a fully gratifying and convivial experience for anyone who wants to take a peek. Somehow, for me, Rose always (unjustly) had this cold and rigid aura around him. Hopefully, his take on 'Body Language' dismisses that, and what we have here is the sound of the European house underground looking at you in the most warm and titillating of fashions. For example, mix opener 'Gotta Get Up' by Solid Groove & Sinden conjures images of Cheryl "Salt from Salt N Pepa" James high on Hydrocodone looking for a phat beat on her beatbox while Plone are jamming in the other room. Yes, it is that playful. What follows are a bunch of electro-house jackin' numbers such as Elon's 'Movin' In”, the Cass & Mangan hammering remix of Laid's 'Believe in Me', and Rose's own 'You're All Over My Head' (with what sounds suspiciously like a digitalized Paul McCartney syncopated vocal sample). Definite highlights, though, are Brett's World of Nonsense Mix of Scoper & Bubba's 'I'm Satisfied', the warped vocals of Induceve's 'How Y'All Funk', and the towering Radio Slave remix of Chelonis R. Jones (in)famous 'Deer in the Headlights'. All appearing in the second third of the mix, these tracks are showing how self-aggrandizing a studio mix can potentially be (while they'd probably be all lost in a live, five-hour set), and how much Rose is truly at ease with the mixed album's scheme and the listening-more-than-dancing narrative. Twice, the mix doodles a bit into sappy house territory: sadly, on Rose's own 'Didn't I' (hunt down the Audion remix instead for a colder and metronomic take on it) and, at the very end, on Aril Brikha's 'Groove La Chord'. But overall, after a disappointingly bland DJ T take on the young series, Jesse Rose's 'Body Language Vol. 3' is a fierce reminder that the mixed compilation format remains a unique way for DJs to self-promote, self-articulate and self-represent, if not self-congratulate and self-eroticize. And that is a body language anyone can relate to.
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      1. Intro 2. Gotta Get Up - Solid Groove & Sinden 3. Movin'' In - Elon 4. Can U Feel 5. Believe in Me [Cass & Mangan Remix] - Laid 6. Hotflash [Original Mix] 7. I''m Satisfied [Brett''s World of Nonsense Mix] - Scoper and Bubba 8. Didn''t I - Jesse Rose 9. How Y''all Funk - Induceve 10. Next Stop Chicago [Jesse Rose Remix] - Rekid 11. Deer in the Headlights [Radio Slave Remix] - Chelonis R. Jones 12. 101 on the Run - Tigerskin 13. Slack Society [Straight out of the Box Dub] - Dublex Inc., 14. Painn Killers - Justin Maxwell 15. You''re All Over My Head - Jesse Rose 16. Erotic Discourse - Bobby Peru 17. Groove La'' Chord - Aril Brikha