Larry Heard presents Mr. White – You Rock Me/The Sun Can't Compare

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  • Larry Heard returns with a 180bpm mentaller that sounds like a gabba-ed up version of UR's 'The Punisher'… um, don't be silly. Of course he hasn't. What we have here are two delightful, contrasting examples of the many sides to Larry's talents. 'The Sun Can't Compare' has been picking up all the plaudits, but don't overlook 'You Rock Me' – it's a mid-tempo cracker with (gasp!) a proper song. Not too sure if it's Mr. White or Larry on the impassioned vocal, but it's an impressive performance with a chorus that will be gently reverbing around your brain. Musically, Heard goes to town on this slow-burning, soulful groove: loose, disco percussion, classic piano work, strings buried in the mix and a languid, live bass… thankfully, the tacky synths in the middle-eight don't hang around long enough to ruin the show. 'The Sun…' is anchored around a similarly strong male vocal, but that's where the comparisons end: Heard strips it back and jacks it up for almost eight minutes of mesmerizing, emotional acid house. The 303 work is subtle, bolstered by the raw percussion and constant machine gun hats and contrasted by sparing use of atmospheric sweeps. Skip the edits, let these tracks breathe and enjoy two fine examples of the dying art of decent vocal house.
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      A1 You Rock Me (Long Version) A2 You Rock Me (Edit) B1 The Sun Can't Compare (Long Version) B2 The Sun Can't Compare (Edit)