Rework - Love Love Love Yeah

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  • Electroclash may have run itself ragged years ago but that hasn't stopped Playhouse pranksters Rework giving it another shot. 'Love Love Love Yeah' finds French singer Laetitia abandoning Gallic sensuality in favour of Hoxton-esque disenchantment, while programmers Daniel Varga and Michael Kubler wear their sunglasses at night, punching out beats fresh out of 1981. The self titled A-side is where the action is, opening with giggling females bemoaning the absence of love in their lives before vintage drums and pops kick out a lazy 4/4. The lead line is delivered with all the spunk of an android, and the rhythms are equally droll, but somehow it still ends up sounding sexy and off limits. The B-side offers two three minute songs and the puzzling 'Interlude' consisting of 24 seconds of lightly thumped metal. 'Bus Driver' tells the tale of a Midwestern 'beast of the bus', pogoing along to blunt syn-drums and Mantronix rhythms, while the finale 'I Am So Cold' sums it all up with the grooviest bassline yet alongside retro beats and risque talk of 'sucking' and 'nostrils'. Despite fleeting moments, this is disappointing work from the group that gave us 'Say Hey' and 'You're so Just Just'. More techno next time please.
  • Tracklist
      A Love Love Love Yeah B1 Bus Driver B2 Christiane B3 So Cold