Opus Ink - The Boot Street EP

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  • Audiofly, the production duo doing their best to dispel the rumour that all metrosexuals suck, have released another collaborative effort, this time teaming up with house legend Satoshi Tomiie as Opus Ink. The result of their studio time together is the ‘Boot Street EP’, a double A-Side for Tomiie’s Saw Recordings. The first track, ‘Darkroomboot’, is a moody, techy effort. The lush, haunting melodies and tough, snappy drums keep pushing the track upwards, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to reach anywhere. It’s got the epic synths of a peak-timer yet the drums and bassline keep it subdued. It’s also got great drum programming, but the ten-minute length somehow saps the life required to keep it interesting. The flip-side, ‘Resonator 404’, is the redeemer though: the brooding synths of the A-side are still present, but it comes with more energy and usability. With a main melody reminiscent of old-school Detroit and a breakdown introducing new sounds that’ll keep up dance-floor appeal, ‘Resonator 404’ has a unique feel that’ll work within most house sets. Tomiie certainly writes some great tunes, and it’s no fluke that Audiofly are in everybody’s record boxes these days, but this EP is neither of the parties’ best. But with the studio talent that these three possess, I can’t imagine that the next Opus Ink record won’t make amends.
  • Tracklist
      A Darkroomboot B Resonator 404