Eyerer & Atto - Supersnack

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  • Swiftly moving on past its fiftieth release, Traum’s little brother Trapez Ltd. seems to be developing a fondness for tripped out percussion – but isn't everyone these days? This time around they usher in the new project of Martin Eyerer and Gui Boratto, who decide to supersize their snack and invite Zigon and Oliver Hacke for afters. Martin Eyerer seems to enjoy his big meals, having teamed up last year with Chopstick on 'Electric' in 2006, a track which became an anthem in the bag of the typical electro DJ. This time his dining partner is Gui Boratto, a more recognisable name in new minimal circles – a slight shift in direction for Eyerer, as is getting a release on Trapez – which raises the question: is this a sandwich fit for consumption? Splitting this combo meal into three sections then, it’s apparent that the original is the weakest link. Its freakish rhythms attempt some sort of weird funk, which it never quite manages to properly evoke, and the result is a vacant track unsure of where its headed. Another piece of minimal for the sake minimal then, like countless other tracks. Zigon, I am happy to report, offers up a better effort with a precipitating rhythm, a cool low-slung b-line and what can only be described as a dripping tap sound speeding up and slowing down to give the track a nicely off-kilter feel. Chinese water torture for the uninitiated, but a fair techno track in vein of Stefanik and Tanzmann that’ll work the floor. But the award for best sandwich must go to Oliver Hacke, who serves up a meatier affair which doesn't try to be overtly minimal. Adding energy with a driving boom-bah bassline and amiable syncopation of melody which he allows briefly to flow for an instant, Hacke’s effort is a patient, building techno piece from a man who's no stranger to the Trapez label. Not as strong a release as Trapez' recent offerings from Audio Werner and Guido Schneider then, but funnily enough it’s the original which will probably get the most usage: from the countless DJs who are trying so hard to sound minimal.
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      A Supersnack B1 Supersnack (Zigon Rmx) B2 Supersnack (Oliver Hacke Rmx)