Jacek Sienkiewicz – Goodnight and Goodluck

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  • Jacek’s ‘Double Secret’ from last year was a relentless and insistent monster of a tune and a few bars into ‘Goodbye’ and it seems like he’s hit the nail again. It’s got that white-line bicycling at night feel to it with the beats thumping by underneath your whirling feet and a jerky flute melody shooting past your peripheral vision like distant streetlights. However the track is let down by being overlong (note to producers: ‘Fizheuer Zieheuer’ should NOT be treated as a template for 2007) and not really capitalizing on the tension it creates. Could however be a great builder in a mix. On the flip ‘Goodluck’ is competent enough but has a lumpy and uncoordinated beat up until around the seventh minute when it suddenly becomes very pretty and rolling with a sort of Rising High early 90s trance feel (this is a GOOD thing). Definitely one for DJs who are fast with their mixes. Overall this is a release that could have been a lot better if the tracks were shorter and more focused. Here’s hoping that ‘Mouth to Mouth’ isn’t too influential this year either – it’s a hard trick to pull off well.
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      A Goodnight B Goodluck